Arroyo Administration: The Plato and Aristotle Views

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Arroyo administration has been in the position since the year 2000. Gloria’s regime began when Former President Joseph Estrada was forced to resign from presidency. She replaced Estrada and took over the Philippines. Then, in 2005, she ran for the same position, and fortunately for her but unfortunately for us, she won. These are the facts that many of us Filipinos know. But should we stop there? Should we be contented with these? As a Filipino, I think it is our right as well as a responsibility to be inquisitive enough with what really is going on. As citizens of this country we should try to evaluate whether the said administration is doing its duties accordingly. This is what I will try to do, assess whether the administration contributes for the better or is it just worsening our condition. To help me with this, the views of the equally popular philosophers, Plato and Aristotle will form the ground for this evaluation.

These philosophers both raised their views of what an ideal society is. Is this the same with the society we have today? The two also gave their ideas of what should be really be the roles and responsibilities of the government. Is the Arroyo administration a representation of their views of what a government should be or is it the complete opposite?Let me begin by describing the society where we belong today and then compare it to the views of the two philosophers. Today, we can’t deny the fact that there are still distinctions among the people living in this society. Rich is still considered superior and the poor, inferiors. The rich still dominates over the poor. On the top of the hierarchy of classes in our society, there are the rich. Next is the middle class. They are...