Arsenic and old lace movie review: "Bitter Sweet"

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The story of Mortimer's new life begins very happily with him getting married. This is ironic however because he is a famous author of books against marriage and relationships. This event is the first of many ironic events.

Everything seems to be going wonderful until Mortimer discovers that there is a dead body in his aunt's window seat. He immediately thinks that his mentally ill brother, Teddy Brewster killed the old man. Not long after he finds out that it was not his brother but his sweet little aunts.

He tries to commit his brother Teddy, who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt, into the Happydale Sanitarium. Maybe if he was insane the punishment would not be as harsh. As if his day was not going bad enough, his older brother Jonathan shows up at the house to hide from the police.

Cary Grant played Mortimer Brewster in this thrilling suspense movie.

His reactions to the events occurring make this movie the hilarious side splitting movie that it is. A romantic comedy has never been so humorous.

Josephine Hull and Jean Adair play the innocent and insane aunts. Raymond Massey plays Jonathan, Mortimer's crazed killing machine brother. The combination of the three adds that extra burst of laughter and creepiness to the storyline.

This knee slapping romantic comedy of bitter sweet events, and aunts, is the perfect family oriented movie. I can not wait to see what director Frank Capra rolls down the red carpet next.