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Process he uses, way of working and thinking? As I think of Jim Bohary paintings, one word, which comes to my mind, is impulse. I think he paints with impulse. After looking at the different paintings, I was very fascinated, not just with the different colors he used, but the different patterns also. Even though they consisted of many different colors thrown in together, at the end, it seemed as if a concrete idea is shown. He develops his paintings as he progress. He does not know how his painting will end up. He gets his ideas as he goes along.

One idea, which he stresses, is nature. He tries to think of organic things, and works on visual language. He tries to put things together, compound and life. The reason why I think he works on impulse is he has no clue on the painting he is making until the end.

After the painting has evolved, he looks at it, and thinks about how he can represent it.

One painting, which I really liked, was the painting he showed us last week. It was a big piece which took him about ten years to make. What fascinated me about it is that it took him ten years to finish. I never knew artist would take such a long time to finish their paintings. I thought they usually get an idea, and work on it until the piece is done. But for this artist, he gets his ideas as he works. He probably works on the piece time after time. As he gets more ideas, the more he paints. I asked him if he was done with the painting, and the answer he gave me is, " No sure." He told me he is always thinking about new ideas and if he can improve on his painting, and then he is going to pull it down from the display area, and work on it again.

I think he is a very interesting artist. As he starts in paintings, he does not know where they are going to end up. He gets his ideas as he works on them, and he always changing his paintings. If he gets an idea, which he thinks will better his painting, he can always change it. My point is it is always good to be flexible, so you can change things. This is like what I am learning now in my business class. The company always maximizes profit in the long run because they have flexibility. They can change things as they go, to improve and better their company.