What is Art?

Essay by daler March 2007

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I have lots of association with the word – art: painting, drawing, music, architecture, sculpture, poetry, photography, Da Vinci, imagination, tastes, freedom and etc. Therefore it is really hard to define the real meaning of this word. I understand art, as a production of something beautiful, of something valuable, of something aesthetical by artists.

As I wrote in my introduction, art is created by human – artist. However not everything can be counted as art, for example we can’t say that sunset, flower, sky can be a production of art, because they are not created by human beings, they are natural phenomena. But there lots of things which are created by humans and not related to art, because they don’t have any aesthetical value. Artwork is really valuable, because it attracts human’s mind, it makes people to have a pleasure from its beauty. Maybe art is one of the important things in our life and we have to understand it, we shouldn’t deny other artworks just because we don’t like it.

And I think that today some people have a less attention to art, but anyway they have even a small connection, because art today is a theatre, photography, architecture in which people are living, it is a movies which people like to watch. So art surrounding our life and we have to respect it.

The process of creating art for artist can take longer or less time. It is depend from artist, because if he feels that he explained everything, his feelings, emotions, experience on his creating then it can be showed to audience. Artist creating his works for satisfying of himself, to have an ecstasy from his creating, but I think that anyway he need the reaction of public, how public will appreciate his work, it is...