What is Art?

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What is Art?

Art is any expression through any medium. It has to have meaning to

both the artist and the viewer. Art is an expression of a person's thoughts and

feelings. Art has to have meaning to both the artist and the viewer. Art is


The artist needs inspiration through stimulation of visual, sonic, and

mental senses. The artist has to have an idea and a reason for the art they

create. Art is never without reason. The artist has to have inspiration and

experience to create meaningful art for the viewer. The viewer decides whether

art is relevant.

A person has to find meaning or feeling from an artists' idea or picture to

make it art. Art has to make sense to the viewer for it to be art. The viewer

needs to find something out of the artists' ideas if a person expects to ever be

any kind of innovator or even be remembered as any kind of thinker.

Art to me is a meaningful expression of one's thoughts and ideas. You

have to have feeling and energy to create art. The artist needs stimulation to

have an idea and inspiration to create something meaningful for others. Art is

making others feel what you feel and understand what you create.

A person cannot be an artist if none can appreciate the ideas and pictures

they are creating. The ultimate artist can convey their innermost feelings in the

most abstract ways and have their audience completely understand their ideas

and thoughts.

Abstraction is the key to successful artwork. If an audience can

understand an artists' most abstract ideas and pictures it means the artist is

doing their job. Abstraction is the key to an artist's work. If a person can

convey their ideas in an their own...