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Art-Homework (Art in Focus p.64-70) 1. Describe 6 hardships prehistoric peoples endured which explain why so few lived to old age? The lives of prehistoric people were filled with danger, hunger, ignorance, fear, winter found them searching for shelter from the cold and snow, and in the summer they suffered from the heat and sudden rain that flooded the cave.

2. Re: Bison cave painting, Altamira, Spain, fig. 4.1 What is the effect of a lack of setting or environment? Indeed, there is no hint of the ground beneath its hooves, nor are there signs of trees or hills or sky behind the bison.

3. List the elements of design and make one statement identifying each in fig 4.1.

4. Why did the hunters / artists and paint the animals realistically and in action? They probably believed that by drawing a life like picture of an animal they were capturing some of those animals¡¦ strength and spirit.

This would make it easier for them to find and overcome the real animals in the fields. These prehistoric people may have thanage that the animals¡¦ cold be weakened even more if, during the magic ceremony, they frightened it or stuck the painted image with their spears and clubs.

5. Account for the paintings¡¦ placement far back in the caves? The place further back in the cave was set a side for their magic rituals, and this was where the paintings were done. There they were protected from the wind and rain, and for this reason many pointing have survived to the present day unfortunately many others were washed away by underground rivers only a few stone tools and utensils have been found, and scholars now look sadly at the barren walls and try to imagine what wonders might have once been...