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Art has been a major debate topic among philosophers in the past and present. These philosophers have come up with many philosophies on what art is or should be. Some of these philosophies are very simple, logical, and easy to understand. While others are very interesting, and sometimes a strange way of looking at art. Throughout the decades philosophers have still not come to an agreeable conclusion or solid definition of what art is. This topic is still widely debated throughout the world. Philosophers are no longer the only ones that discuss the issue of art. Now everyday people in our society feel it affects them, and therefore should have an opinion on it. These ideas make people create their own conclusions of what art should be or what it should symbolize. When in reality, art is primarily based on interpretation, strong opinions based on one's own analysis, and there still ceases to be a solid definition.

This is why philosophers' strong opinions lead them to believe their theory should be fact.

Plato was among one of the first philosophers to question the value of art. He wondered if the life of an artist was a life well spent. He wanted to know what part art played in life and if it was suitable for the "good society". It is very interesting to hear that the idea of art was once questioned. It seems as though art was always appreciated and present. Another change to Plato's view is there is no longer a "good society". We now have "one society" that is supposed to represent equality. Even if there were still a "good society", I wouldn't agree that art should be considered for one society and not another. Plato also shows his talent, or what most people describe as...