Art and the Internet

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When I think of art, I think of paintings in an art gallery, great

sculptures in a museum, or works of music by Beethoven. A few years

back, much of this art was not easily accessible to me. I would have to

go to an art gallery, a museum, or a concert and I do not care enough

about art to do this. Now anyone can access great works of art without

having to go any further than your computer. "A fusion between

information and technology, the Internet is more than just a new and

rapid means of information transmission. It is becoming a cultural

environment for the production of new symbolic information and it is

having a profound impact on the way we understand, imagine, and

interact with the world." The Internet offers us a medium to view art,

hear art, and create art.

With a computer, modem, and an Internet connection, you can

be just a few clicks away from viewing very great works of art. There

are many URL (Universal Resource Locator) addresses where you can

go to view pieces of art from primitive cave art, to modern pop art such

as works by Andy Warhol. The Internet has made these great works

much more accessible and portable. Now anybody can own a copy of

the Mona Lisa on a floppy disk and use it however they want. This will

benefit artists because their works will now be much more accessible to

people who may not otherwise want to get up and go somewhere to see

it. Also, people will benefit because they will be able to view art

without being burdened by travel, which may or may not broaden their

minds a bit. Depending on your monitor and...