How Art Can Affect A Community And Inspire Others To Change Their Views About The World Around Them.

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How art can affect a community and inspire others to change their views about the world around them.

Natural disasters and mass atrocities happen around the world every day. Unfortunately we live in a world where people and things move seemingly fast, and most of us never take the time out to look around and notice. Most people tend to be preoccupied within their own lives and never take the time out to stop and help, nor ask the next person how their day is. Then there are the people who dedicate their work and lives to helping others and getting their stories out for the world to see. They have a specific message and they use art in order to get that message out.

Within the last week I have had the opportunity to meet two of these extraordinary people and hear their stories: clinical social worker and photographer Jane Bolten Alt and photographer Wing Young Huie.

I was inspired by their art and their stories and also felt an immediate connection as a fellow artist myself. Although my art form theater is different than theirs, I feel our goals are similar. We all are trying to relay a message, have the world see things through different eyes and create change using art.

Wing Young Huie is a Chinese photographer who was born in Duluth, Minnesota. He comes from a family of immigrants and was the only who was born in America. As a child Huie struggled with his Asian American identity and also with fitting in to the predominately white neighborhoods and schools that he attended. Little did he know, his own personal struggle with his identity would help shape his future career as a photographer. Huie feels that when it comes to race and culture we are...