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Bianca Berni

8 May 2014

Ms. Sherr

Art, 10


This work by Vicente Romero Redondo was created between 2007 and 2009 and does not have a specific name to be recognized with, since Redondo is a modern artist (born in 1956) and he has decided to adopt a new way of "expressing himself". Therefore his works are not exposed in a specific gallery, but according to the fact that he is from Madrid, most of his masterpieces are located in Spain. This painting represents a woman sitting on a wooden chair in front of an opened window while she is holding a pink shawl, there is some sun entering the room, and exotic plants characterize the background. The first thing which grabs the viewer attention is the light pink cloth, and immediately after it, the young woman who is holding it.

The artist used pastels to realize this 81x65cm painting, and he perfectly combined colors to create a soft atmosphere.

The main contrasts are between blue, yellow, green and pink, but all the small details are to be noticed, and on the shawl, for example, five different shades of colors were used. The mostly elaborated element is the hint of curtain in the extreme right: it contains all the color tones used to give life to the work. Redondo plays on transparencies, as shown by the white and graceful sleeve of the woman's dress, and by the reflection of the window's shade on the shawl, which offers as well a glimpse of the garden. The lines and shapes are also quite smooth and the movement of the woman's arm and the position of the body, together with the way the two cloths are "falling", contribute to avoid the sense of immobility. Only the windows seem to...