Art, Culture & Regeneration

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Art Culture Regeneration Project A. Giddens Not just individuals that are told what to do but individuals with empowerment within a collective starting to have cultural entitilments as a citizen. Now new form of governance 1990s. A range of parties of different interests to represent a joint concern or issue, new consultation dialogue. Cultural industry collective solution private public. Parter Grassroots engage with culture where it is found Trade. National Marks Spencer. Regional Betties. Owner opucier. Outlets pubs, resturants, liesure.

partnership is a vechile for achieving. Individual not in isolation from culture. Lacan shaped by reflections that we get back from ourselves from society and culture notion of recognition as an individual our sence of identity with place.

Being part of a culture that is fluid and dynamic place change social place.Subdesolve decisions making to the lowest level where its is effective. Create structure enable to do this.

People identify with place.

Creative industries takes into consideration communities local people.

Castells Two-thirds have got sufficient culture and content one-third potentially a source of alienated. Only free at the point of use.

Companies on the one hand want to be part of globalisation and idea's but how do they make their town or locality part of it.

Empty units shops.

Tory introduced, if shops wanted to move out of town centre they could get planning permission on greenbelt. Big mistake. Can do everything in Shopping mals bank etc. Small town shallowed up by big retailers Town centre x catuloge, banks, 2 Markets, take aways poverty retail decaying urban inferstructure. One third excluded.

Fredrick Jameson argues that consumerism and leisure pursuits and becoming indistigiable, intertexuality part of each other.

Major relax in greenbelt policy (S.V. Ward Planning & urban change 257).

I. Mackay planning application for 2 cut price supermarkets 20,000...