Art Defined # Apply critical thinking skills to the content of the course. # Demonstrate an understanding of visual literacy. # Discuss principles of design and formal elements of art.

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* For a higher score include direct image links for the 8 pieces of art.

Over the centuries many different types of art have developed, causing it to be difficult to define the word “art”. Unfortunately there is not a definition that has been universally accepted. The word “art” can commonly be described as something beautiful or something with aesthetic results. A vast definition of art would be Art is accomplished when an artist creates any beautiful object or generates an experience that is stimulating, in which his/her audience considers artistic. (Definition of Art, 2010) Another definition of art is the conscious arrangement or production of forms, sounds, movements, colors, or any other type of element in a manner that would affect a sense of beauty. (art, n.d.)1. Painting – Kenneth Noland is known for his brilliantly colored stripes, chevrons and concentric circles, known as Color Field painting.

I believe this is exemplifies the definition of art because it shows an arrangement of colors and forms.

2. Sculpture – Alexander Calder is most famous for inventing the mobile. A mobile consists of rods, which weighted objects or more rods hang from. His art gives a visual stimulation with forms, movements, colors, and beauty.

3. Architecture – http:// Antoni Gaudi is known for his sensuous design style. His art is unique, almost surreal, and shows his personality.

4. Photography - Arthur Fellig “Weegee” is known for his black and white street photos of gangs, crime, death, and life in the 1940’s. His art shows elements that affect the sense of beauty.

5. Printmaking - Katsushika Hokusai is best known for his “Thirty-Six Views”, which is a series of paintings. His art shows the beauty in real life surroundings.

6. Conceptual Art - Joseph Kosuth is famous for his work “One and Three Chairs”. His work shows a concept, ideas, and visual expressions.

7. Installation Art - Marcel Duchamp is one of the most famous conceptual artist, the creator of the “ready-made”. He is best known for his “Fountain”, which was a urinal basin. His installation art was ordinary, yet showed the unique elements of ordinary items.

8. Performance Art - Vito Acconci is famous for his “seedbed” performance. I found this most interesting since I never considered this to be a type of “art” compared to other “art” such as the other 7 listed. It definitely fits the art definition of “stimulating experience”.

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