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Vincent Van Gogh was indeed a brilliant artist. His work influenced and inspired many people. It seems that he tried to express his feelings through his paintings, by including many imaginative objects and people. Paintings such as "The Potato Eaters," which show a group of people feasting on potatoes, and "Starry Night," which shows Van Gogh's imaginative side, are among those that make him a brillant artist. His love for painting people was shown throughout most of his works. Van Gogh once said, "there is nothing in the world as interesting as people... one can never study them enough."

Vincent Van Gogh has often been seen as the typical expressionist painter, therefore he showed his emotions throughout most of his work. His artwork covers a range of moods over the years, and his canvases are almost mirrors into his troubled soul. Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853.

His father, Theodours Van Gogh, was a preacher in Dutch Reformed Church and his mother, Anna Cornella Carbertus, was the daughter of a bookseller. Vincent was the second of six children. His childhood has been said to be troublesome. Van Gogh once described his childhood as "cold, gloomy, and sterile." He alienated himself from his parents and siblings by being a stubborn and withdrawn child. Van Gogh was clumsy, uncommunicative, and lived an early life of solitude, thus leading to a misunderstanding by his family. The only sibling he had any sort of close relationship with was his brother, Theo. He would later be Vincent's biggest supporter, both morally and financially.

Beginning his education in 1861, Van Gogh attended a local village school. Exceeding in languages such as; French, English and German, Van Gogh appeared to be a future scholar. However, in 1868 Van Gogh left school.