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We had been ordered to clear this town just north of Berlin, the town wasn't anything special and it should of just been a routine job. The town was a wreck and it looked like nobody had lived there since the war started. There was rubble everywhere and the wind just made it worse as it was blowing the dust and bits of sand all over the place meaning it was almost impossible to see 10 meters ahead.

We had been told by our leader that a group of Germans were reported to be in one of the last remaining buildings, the old hotel. And they were reported to be snipers looking over Berlin.

The hotel was now in sight but there was no sign of any snipers. We entered the old hotel one by one checking every corner and every place that someone could be hiding to jump out at us. We cleared floor by floor covering our corners and watching that nobody was going to sneak up on us. When we finally got to the second last floor gunshots flew right by my head at that moment the whole squad dropped to the ground and took cover. The Germans must of saw us approach the town and switched positions.

My ears where still ringing from the shots, the leader was shouting at us to keep our heads down but I couldn't hear a thing. Bullets continued to whiz past our heads and hit the wall behind us. The only option we had was to run as we were pinned down and couldn't stay in the same place. So once the captain said "MOVE" I found myself running just trying to shoot everything that wasn't in a British uniform.

I had finally got into cover and...