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The Urban Experience - Art

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CR2 - Reflecting


Name: Abeeshan Thangavel Class: 9F

Teacher: Mrs Moy Date: 9/09/14

For thousands of years cities have been a centre of activities, a centre of industry, and from here emerged new artistic developments which soon spread across on a global scale. Furthermore, the city experience inspired the making of art that embodies the qualities of urban life. As a result it is Johannes Vermeer painting, View of Delft that provides more of a realistic effect than Utagawa Hiroshige's Night View.

Johannes Vermeer'sView of Delft is an "oil on canvas painting". The form of painting of this piece is realism. The quay, the water, the focal image and the sky are the four flat groups the picture is converted into.

On the left side of the quay, two fashionably dressed men and a woman talking together, there is a mother and her baby, and further towards the centre are two additional women. The water characterizes a section of the River Schie. Looking closer to the town, the view is dominated by the walls and gates. The distant tower of the Old Church can only just be seen on the horizon on the left of the painting. Most of the settlement is in shadow, except for the sunlit New Church. Utagawa Hiroshige's "Night View" shows with a level of detail difficult to perceive for such an antique artwork, the everyday life in China. The painting also depicts the view of small and normal cities - always surrounded by stunning industrial landscapes- in their paintings, as can be seen in "Night View". Cityscapes are, however, a fundamental part of...