The Art of a Facial Massage

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Looked in the mirror lately? Noticed that time has started marching across your face? Gravity once a dear friend now has become a distant acquaintance that doesn't recall your name. Now at the tender age of 19 again, I've started to worry about fine lines, sagging skin and all the other undesirable effects of aging. Today technology offers laser surgery or collagen implantation to reduce or eliminate these signs. Unfortunately the cost does not out way the consequences of side effects. Over counter name brands offer creams and serums that claim to prevent the aging process but these results have not been scientifically proven. Cringing at prices, I started to look for natural techniques to keep the smoothness and elasticity of my skin and turned to my mother. Since I could remember my mother had a nightly beauty ritual that, as a little girl, I observed in awe. There were lotions, cotton balls, and green gunk but what stood out was a time consuming massage.

This massage is one of the secrets that have maintained the youthful appearance of generations of women in my family. The massage consists of eight simple steps that exercise and preserves youthful contours with a series of firm but gentle movements.

First of all find a comfortable place to sit then pull your hair back with a headband or wrap it in towel. Rub generous amount of petroleum jelly or any form of oil desired between both palms. This is so your fingers gently glide on the surface of your face and don't stretch out the skin that would defeat the purpose.

Begin by lifting the chin towards the ceiling. Using upward strokes from the collarbone pay special attention to the tense muscles under the chin. Proceed to the chin line on either...