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"Women artists of the feminist generation made deliberate grounding of their art in socialized experience as women and in the acceptance of women's experience as different from men but equally valid. In Exposing for open consideration what had previously been hidden or ignored, they connected for the first time in a conscious way, the agendas of social politics and art."Through out history many women were rejected or unfavourably treated in the art world. Only recently have women started to infiltrate the male dominated art world and alert society of the gender inequality. Three prominent female artists that furthered the feminist outbreak include; Judy Chicago, with 'Dinner Party' (1979) as one of her most influential feminist installations, The Guerrilla Girls, Using massive billboards to publicise their plight and Barbra Kruger using gigantic photos and text to portray important and controversial issues.

Judy Chicago uses her most famous artwork "the Dinner Party" 1979 to recognise women of the past and provide them with due credit that many history books omit.

"The Dinner Party" breaks many social conventions not only by: it being an installation, its content or by the method of production but also through a female artist creating High art in a male dominated art world. Installations in 1979 were few and very far apart. Installations were only around since 1970 provided an ideal platform for Judy Chicago to produce an artwork appreciating outstanding women of the past. Her installation drew much attention and many Art critics were quick to pounce on the surge of interest surrounding this avant-garde concept. Many people found it vulgar and shocking but many others began to appreciate the work and effort and ultimately the female struggle.

Her work on this project can be also quite controversial, as she used many women and some men...