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Sun Wook Paik

Professor Mario Naves

Fine Arts Seminar I 241-02

September 24th 2012

Century of the Child

Century of the Child at The Museum of Modern Art is quiet interesting to me. The exhibition is the combination of modern design for child during the 20th century. The exhibition covers broad ranges of child design products such as school architecture, clothing, toys, playground, furniture, and books. At the beginning of the exhibition, personally, these are just a combination objects for children. However, I got the different point of views when I looked up carefully each single of works. The whole exhibition shows that many designers and artists suggest the vision for the child world materials and through the process, many scholars, designers, and artists tried to make a better world for the children.

At the beginning of the exhibition, there is a "Maxi" set including Tripp Trapp chair"(1972) and these consist of one big desk and two chairs.

These desk and chairs designed by Peter Opsvik and the artwork is result of observation of his son. He intentionally created oversize of furniture to emphasize average three year old. When I sit on the desk, I can feel three years old child's point of view. Whole chair and desk are big. Through these types of artwork, many artists tried to understand young kid's point of view which is quiet different than adult.

One of the artworks make me impressive is "We Want Peace. Register, Vote, by Ben Shahn." Through the poster, Shahn wants to remind adults that peace is important to everyone and it is good for children to stay in peace. In my opinion, the poster reminded to me about the World War I and World War II, because during the World...