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Madonna and Christ Child with Angels and Saints Mary Magdalen, Francis, Dorothy, and Anthony Abbot

The art work for this visual analysis was chosen at The Birmingham Museum of Art. The name of the piece is Madonna and Christ Child with Angels and Saints Mary Magdalene,Francis, Dorothy, and Anthony Abbot. It was created by Mariotto di Nardo somewhere between late 14th -early 15th century. The dimensions of the painting are 27x17 inches and it comprised with tempera paint on wood panel.

This painting illustrates a woman, Mary, holding the Christ child in the center of the piece, while being accompanied by two women on each side and also a man on both the left and right at the bottom of the painting. The pallet of this piece consists of a variety of colors but the overall feel of the painting is warm. The distribution of colors throughout the image trends from cool and earthy tones at the bottom on the figures' clothing and the floor, and implements warmer tones vertically up the piece in the women adjacent to Mary.

The man on the bottom left of the painting is wearing earth toned clothing and appears to be a monk. The man opposite to him is also clothed in cool earthy tones. He has a red book in his hand that contrasts the black clothing underneath the drape. Both of the men are looking forward towards each other. Behind them are two women, the one on the left in bright red, like the man's book, and the one on the right in a light green. These two women have warm color-tones and are facing Mary. Behind them are two more women. The one on the back right is an angel and has her arms crossed over her chest. The...