Art history- How humanist study influenced Raphael in his works.

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In what ways can the effect of humanist study be seen in the work of either Michelangelo or Raphae?

The question main points are effect of the humanist, "work", "Raphael". The question is essentially asking for examples of Raphael's work to be analysed and extract the effect of humanist study, humanism on the art work, then give a concluding statement about Raphael is influenced by humanist study.

First humanism is the idea that human are able to achieve great things. This comes from antiquity and is derived from neoplatonic idea. To look for humanism in artwork, particular styles that give the human interesting aspect, characteristic, show the human in idealogical ways can be considered.

In Leo X, the cardinals by Raphael, Leo X in luxuriant red dominates with two cardinals on either sides of him. Leo X is shown to by reading a bible and has a magnifying glass beside him.

Thjese are symbols used by Raphael to show the pope is an endeavoured, devoted Christian and holds an interest in science. But by the way the pope is posed, his plump hand lying on the picture page of the book and his eyes looking out of the frame with non of the hint of concentration may show the opposite to be true. The pop's plump face is idealized with smooth skin that Raphael depicts with the mastery of the brush.

The cardinals and Leo X appears to have a tension in their relationship. This is shown through the composition of the artwork. The pope has a table in front the table leans forward toward the left of the artwork. The fact that he cardinal on the right is in the shadow and grabbing the chair on which LeoX sits, may also suggest the fact that the cardinal on...