Art History~Neo-Classicism To Rococo

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Francois Boucher was first became well known in the Neo- Classicism period.

Upon studying his painting of Diane Sortant du Bain, or Diane in the bath, questions began to formulate. Why did Boucher depict the females naked? Why were they hunting? Why are they in nature? Why are there animals in the picture? Why aren't there any men in the pictures? Why do they have their hair all done up and perfect instead of long, flowing and messy, and well comfortable for the women? Where are there clothes? What are they sitting on? Why is one of them holding a set of pearls? The questions can be answered quite simply... Boucher was pretty much just a pervert.

One doesn't know the answers to all of the questions because nobody knows how Boucher really thought. My theories on some of them are: number one he is just another guy (therefore he is horny) and pretty much a pervert as I said before so therefore he paints them nude.

No men in the pictures because he didn't like men. In nature because it is natural and the ladies are "natural". They are hunting to suggest power and dominance.

The pearls to show delicacy, beauty, and wealth. Their hair done because a female will nearly never leave without her make-up and hair done so he considers this part of their natural beauty.

Boucher was painting what was considered "hush hush" in that period of time.

Everybody knew what was going on around them they were just ashamed of it so they were quiet about it. They didn't want people to know... it was a don't ask don't tell policy.

Which is pretty common to our modern world even today.

Marat Assansine better known as The Death of Marat lead us into the Rococo...