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Foundations of Art Therapy

Art is a Way of Knowing

One of the ways the Allen book referenced me was discussing the imagination.

Imagination has always been important to me. I often imagine my future and determine how I want it to look. It is more of a vision to me. I am one that believes that anything I can imagine means that I can have it! There are times that my imagination focuses on the negativity that has happened in my life and it provides me the opportunity to create in my mind how to change and not allow the negative impact to occur again. I often plan in my imagination; I plan the next day, week or year and what I want to accomplish. I often view the images of debt freedom and being a professional drifter, due to me loving to travel. I have a very active imagine and I dream day and night.

I believe my art in this fashion is done through my imagination.

Knowing Memory referred to me as well. My memory is very sharp and I often reflect on my happy and painful moments. From these thoughts I determined which ones need to be duplicated and which ones need to removed. Through my memory I believe that willingness to forgive derives through my memory, a sense of healing derives through my memory and more than anything. My peace begins and ends in my memory whether it is short and long term. I believe I create art through my vivid imagination and the ability to remember the details.

Knowing How to Begin:

This section was astonishing to me because I love music. I begin every morning with music and end every evening with music. I listen to music throughout the day. Music helps me...