Art Through the Ages Introductory Chapter Notes

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Art and history have much more in common that it may seem – art gives people tangible man-made evidence of what had happened in the pastKnowing art history allows for understanding the circumstances under which art was made, just having art appreciation does notPictoral arts- painting, drawing, printmaking, photographyCraft arts- ceramics, metalwork, textiles, jewelry, ordinary living accessoriesParticularly in present day, multiple artwork types have been used in single projectsWhat we define and study as art is growing, incorporating such things as coins and computer-generated imagesHow Old is It? -dates need to be known for artwork that is studied. Various techniques are used.

Physical Evidence- Studying the types of materials used offers insight because many materials have a timeframe of when and where they were used at certain points in history. Also scientific testing can give precise ages.

Documentary Evidence- certificates or other documents that mention a date or timeframe and the work either directly or indirectlyInternal Evidence- Things or events depicted in the artwork can narrow the date down to a time period (e.g.

if a certain hairstyle in the painting was only around for a few decades)Stylistic Evidence- Subjective and somewhat unreliable, but you can study a painting to see if it matches a certain artist's styleWhat is its Style? -very important, but has grown to be less important for identifying purposesPeriod Style- the characteristic artistic manner of a specific time and culture (sometimes very difficult to generalize)Regional Style- differences between artworks' geographical locations (provenance- place of origin) are often much less subtle than differences between time periodsPersonal Style- artists have their own differing styles, though these may change during the artist's lifetimeWhat is It's Subject? -subjects of all art forms are studied to understand the overall artworkIconography- the content and its study in art. Also includes the study...