The Art Of Yoga

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THE ART OF YOGA Yoga means union, union of mind, body and spirit, with union comes balance. Through daily practice of simple yoga postures you will increase your stamina strengthen your body, become more supple and relaxed, you will begin to feel a serenity of mind.

In this hectic world the ancient art of yoga offers a way to balance. Each posture is designed to work deeply and consistently on an area of the body. You could liken it to an internal massage.

Yoga does not only work on muscle strength and flexibility but on the internal organs of the body. Consistent practice of simple yoga postures will give substantial results. Beyond the performance of posture is a state of mind and a way of being based on a greater self-esteem and creativity.

The Art of yoga has been used around the world for centuries. I am currently studieying social service and the art of Yoga has proven to be very help full.

Before I started Yoga I was in Drama School we took part in Yoga every day. We used Yoga to strengthen our bodies to be able to be open and connect with our inner feelings to be able to connect with our character to potray.