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Martin lizama

November, 10, 2014


For this paper I have chosen to write about Jacopo Tintoretto painting called "The Origin of the Milky Way". The painting is currently in the National Gallery in London. The reason I picked to write about this one in particular is, I'm really fascinated with Greek mythology. I went online and visited a lot of websites with different kinds of art that had to do with Greek mythology, Out of all the paintings this one really caught my eye. I think it had to do with the colors they really pop out. The painting is well done and has already become one of my favorites. I have taken the virtual tour online and it looks really nice, I hope one day I get lucky enough to go see the original in person, and witness its close details, and well used mixture of colors.

When I first saw this painting I really wanted to know the story behind it. Greek mythology always has its stories, I find them interesting. I decided to go out and find the story behind Jacopo Tintoretto's painting.

Name: The origin of the Milky Way

Artist: Jacopo Tintoretto

Date/ Location: 1575, National Galley London

Jacopo Tintoretto was an Italian painter born 1518 a notable exponent of the Renaissance school. Tintoretto's family name was Robusti, but it later changed when he took his father's profession of dyer which is tintore in Italian. That is where the name Tintoretto comes from. He is the eldest of 21 children. As a kid his father noticed his skill for painting, and took him to studio of Titian to see how far he could be trained to become an artist. Tintoretto's spent most of his life in Venice. He was mostly influenced by...