Arther Ashe, From His Perspective.

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The name Arthur Ashe leaves various images imbedded in one's mind. The images offered are correspondent to the individual person's impression of the man. Arthur Ashe was many things to many people. He was a father, a son, a husband, a friend, an athlete, a role model, a businessman and most of all a human being. His life led him from an average existence of a black male during that time in our country's history; to a successful tennis champion and subsequently a role model for generations to follow.

In what could be considered the prime of his life and the height of his career, Mr. Ashe suffered a massive heart attack that resulted in surgery to save his life. Unfortunately, this event put an end to his career as a tennis champion. In the end it would also put an end to his life. You see the procedure that intended to save his life also bestowed upon him the inevitable death sentence known as AIDS.

Mr. Ashe kept his illness private for many years. Only sharing his plight with those very close to him and those who held an interest with his public image. He wrote of his amazement when, after informing the top executives of the companies he represented and some select business partners, they all requested that he continue to represent them and their interests. Many of those companies had taken a chance with Arthur in the beginning and were willing to the same now. In the 1970's a young, black tennis player was unheard of. Not to mention that there existed a great deal of racial bias in society in general at that time. These factors could have easily cost these companies their businesses. But Ashe proved a worthwhile investment then and apparently they all...