Arthur Miller: All My Sons

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Setting The action of the play is set in August 1947, in the mid-west of the United States Plot Joe Keller, the sixty-one years old protagonist, is a man who loves his family above everything else. Three and a half years before the events of the play, Larry Keller, one of his two sons, was reported missing in action, while flying a mission near the coast of China. But as his body hasn't been discovered yet, his mother Kate believes strongly her son is still alive. All the other members of the family accept the fact that Larry will not return, especially Chris, Larry's brother, wants his mother to see the truth.

Chris wants to marry Ann, the former fiancée of his brother, but as Kate is convinced of Larry' return and sees Ann as "Larry's girl" she is strongly against their relationship.

During the play, Joe's past becomes illuminated: Joe was the head of a business which made aeroplane engine parts.

When the production line began to turn out cracked cylinder heads, employee Steve Deever, Ann's father, telephoned Joe at home and asked what to do. Worried by the lost production and not seeing the consequences of his decision, Joe told his best friend Steve to weld the cracks together. Joe said that he would take responsibility for this, but could not come in to work as he had influenza. Several weeks later twenty-one aeroplanes crashed on the same day, killing many American pilots. Investigation revealed the fault in the cylinder heads, and Steve and Joe were arrested and convicted. On appeal, Joe denied Steve's true version of events, convinced the court he knew nothing of what had happened and was released from prison.

Before his last flight, Larry wrote a last letter to his fiancée Ann. He...