Arthur Miller: The Creator of Theatre for Common Man

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Arthur Miller: The Creator of Theatre for Common Man

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Arthur Miller (1915-2005), an era man created a distinct place among the contemporary American literary giants. Arthur Miller's theatre of common man and his views of the tragic hero have acclaimed a universal appeal and a yardstick to gauge the theatrical dimensions. It is intended here to highlight that if ordinary people are put into the similar emotional situation of Greek heroes, the same result will appear. Miller explains that the tragic height which has been so far attached to the noble personage is unauthentic, and such dimension can be attained by the commonest individual who is willing "to throw all he has into the contest".

Willy Loman, an "unappreciated prince", John Proctor, a farmer, and Joe Keller, a "peasant like common sense" seek to protect their equitable position in the society.

Miller judges that common man is an appropriate subject to be a tragic hero because he can also has superior authority and appeal to all class of people. In this sense, we can declare that tragedy is the outcome of a man and total compulsion to evaluate himself justly.

Through his popular theatre essay, "Tragedy and the Common man", Miller has been successful to draw the attention of playwrights that the tragic intensity and height of the olden plays can be achieved by common man as the hero of the play. Tragedy has always some relevance to our modern society which is no longer bound closely to the facts of princes and queens. Moreover, the study concludes that the catastrophe of commoners in the plays of Miller, according to the position of...