Artical Summary on Critical Thinking

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Article Summary on Critical Thinking

Sarah Julie Harris

University Of Phoenix

MGT 350

Carolyn Drahos

November 5, 2003

Article Summary on Critical Thinking

Keys to critical Thinking

Making the right decision over senior executive appointment can be very difficult. Leadership skills and critical decision making ability are arguably the two core competencies which distinguish the truly successful business leaders. Some may state that this potent nexus of innate attributes, one of which is intellectual and the other emotional have always been present in the make up of great business leaders. Managers or business leaders who continue to learn and accept change in external/internal elements has the ability to increase business performance. The achieving results come from the internal drive and less from a commitment. The future leaders create a culture of empowerment. Most business managers see critical decision making skills as essential to a company's success.

Except in times of stress, personal problem, mental illness business leaders should beware while assessing issues (Helliwell, 2000, text).

Rick Helliwell's argument was "making the right recruitment decision over a critical senior executive appointment can be very difficult" (para .1). Wrong decision can result in loss in business sales or no values in company culture. The author made assumption the successful business leaders are notice by possessing quality leadership skills with critical decision making ability. The high connection of natural abilities associates with intellectual and emotional are personalities in successful business leaders relates to the logic. The author has a perception that in today's business requires talented, leaders who continue to learn with motivation for quality performances. Based on emotion, Rick Helliwell (2000) said, "Achieving results comes from the executive internal drive" (para. 6) or personal motivation. He also used exceptions or fallacy that...