Article Critique - "Fast Food Consumption" by Peter Longmire

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"Fast Food Consumption" by Peter Longmire is an opinionative magazine article which explores the issues behind why people consume fast foods. The concept of this article focuses on the effects of consuming fast foods, as it has become the heart of the Australian nation.

In regards to the visual components, there are eye-catching images throughout the article illustrating obese kids happily eating down on fast foods. Additionally, images of actual fast food are shown to repulse the reader.

One of Longmire's main reasons why people consume fast foods for various reasons is due to manipulative advertisements, making people believe their product is somewhat healthy on screen, whilst in reality, there are no healthy aspects whatsoever. Longmire states "The fast food industry is covering the whole world. We, are blinded by the ads and commercials, so we eat, we enjoy eating, and we eat again "We are brainwashed." (Peter Longmire, accessed 20/10/06) In addition, Longmire also suggests that people tend to turn to fast food due to limited time management.

People who work for long hours and cannot cook meals everyday, purchase fast food because it is convenient and quick. In less than 5 minutes, they are receiving their meal and returning to their work positions.

In contrast to the issue, Longmire also looks at the negatives regarding fast food consumption. He explains that people who consume fast meals frequently lack proper nutrition; such as vitamins. Longmire further goes on to pronounce that consuming fast food can cause various diseases, stating "fast foods do not contain certain types of vitamins, and the fats in the fast foods raise your blood cholesterol levels causing heart disease" (Peter Longmire, accessed 20/10/06)

Overall, the article is straight to the point with thrilling image to capture the readers' attention. It is clear that people...