Article Critique - "Fast Food" by Sean Pettifer

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"Fast Food" by Sean Pettifer is a constructive magazine article which explores fast food addiction.

Grueling images of sappy fast foods are apparent throughout the article, purging the appetite for the light hearted. Moreover, the lethargic layout transcends with the text, creating a realistic fast food menu effect.

Pettifer raises the taste factor contributing to fast food addiction. He articulates that fast food addiction is like drinking coffee. People will start eating little portions of French fries or hamburgers, because they like the chemicals that make the food taste better, and they eat again. Thus, they eat bigger portions every time they eat. Pettifer states "The little devil on my left shoulder says, "Oh that looks so good". And the Angel on the right shoulder says, " No! That has 2,000 calories, and its already past 9:00."(Sean Pettifer, accessed online 20/10/06)

In addition, Pettifer also blames strategic advertisement for fast food addiction.

Justifying his reason, Pettifer uses his past fast food addiction as support, as he states" For many years, I've fallen for the impractical advertisements on TV when you see a juicy, meaty cheeseburger, advertised by McDonalds. You are deemed to get very tempted" (Sean Pettifer, accessed online 20/10/06)

With a brilliant layout and gorish images, this magazine article strives for sheer perfection. There is an underlying message evident in this article: Fast food addiction can easily be surpassed, but it is just up to the person to make the very last "final leap".