Article Critique on GMO

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Article Critique on GMO

POL 1113

Prof. Marija Naumoski

Fall 2014

By Sachet Khanal

Everybody enjoys eating ice cream on a hot summer day, and having pan cakes for breakfast, but most of us don't bother thinking about what is in our food or how it was made. A lot of food available for sale are genetically modified, but as these foods do not have to be labeled, we will not know whether the food we buy is genetically modified or not. In an article titled "Genetically Modified Food Fight: The FDA Should Step Up To The Regulatory Plate So States Do Not Cross The Constitutional Line", Morgan Helme, J.D. Candidate in University of Minnesota Law School, discusses the proposed regulations of genetically modified foods and talks about GMO labeling laws or regulations which have been implemented by sixty countries around the world, but not in the US. Since US government has failed time and again to find a solution, the FDA should be urged to respond to this growing concern.

The author presents the article in a very organized structure to support her main idea. In the first part, she provides an overview of GMO labeling, including the state regulations and current status of FDA, and in the next part she presents the problem by arguing that the states do not have authority to regulate GMO labeling requirements and finally she presents the solution by recommending voluntary labeling requirement with binding standards to FDA. In this way, she very effectively uses problem/solution structure to effectively persuade the readers into changing their view to support her idea.

In this article the author provides us with a lot of interesting statistics showing the rapid growth in the use of genetically modified ingredients, suggesting that these issues should be handled as soon...