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The argument that an anglo-saxon's fundamental societal values are somehow subordinate to those of a society that is group oriented is fool-hardy. The fact that America has been historically as successful as it has in such a short time is not because people have gone off and done what they wanted. We are successful because we collectively wrote a document establishing fundamental rights and a democratic system of government. This system's corner system is societal involvement in politics in respect to electing representatives. How did we elect these representatives? By reaching "a consensus…with the answer they jointly think is best…rewarded for quality of answers"(Starkey). Our fundamental political system, which arguably is the most defining characteristic of America, encourages free enterprise promoting the individual. But this free enterprise was established in a congress based on a governing body that consisted of men who had reached their full potential and were able to support and create legislation for free-enterprise rewarding the society which elected him or her.

Thus, this quasi reward based system gives America an aura of collectivism. Thus, America is no longer one of many societies included in this flawed dichotomy of collectivism or individualism. Rather, America is now mare than just a "Anglo-Saxon culture…based on the freedom of individuals to develop themselves to the fullest potential"(Starkey), rather a society based on helping the individual reach his or her full potential with an emphasis on what the individual does for the benefit and well being of his or her society. Unlike Japan, a group oriented society, which was ruled by an emperor from its conception till the end of World War II is no more individualist at heart, than we are. This emperor worked toward the betterment of the military and personal gains, not toward a collective...