Article by Thomas Sowell " Afrocentric Escapism".

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Determining an author's point of view. State the author's point of view. Give your evidence. State your point of view. Give your evidence. Explain the authors bias. In this essay I will be examining the views and bias of Thomas Sowell in Afrocentric Escapism. The author's piont of view will be discussed along with evidence to support. By the end of this essay the author's bias will have been explained. Also my point of view will be stated with evidence to support. I feel afrocentric education is used to enlighten and educate African-Americans.

In reading Afrocentric Escapism by Thomas Sowell, I find that he views afrocentric education as a scapegoat for black americans. The author expresses this by making a comparison with Irish Americans interest in Ireland. Quoting Daniel Patrick Moynihan's writings on earlier generations of Irish-Americans fascination as, "a lot of fine feeling and bad history." Which in itself is an opinion.

The author feels as though African Americans use phoney traditions and history to escape the reality of drugs, violence, and social degeneration. As stated in his writings. The author expresses that knowing your identity and idealogy has no bearing on your future progression. The author states that learning square roots are more important than studying about your roots. Comparing studying history to, "navel gazing." The author goes on to explain how the countercultural media has adopted blacks as mascots to symbolize their own alienation from western civilization. He also believes afrocentric education is an identity craze pumped up by the media. The author goes on to state historical facts regarding slavery and the slave trade.

He then began to explain the tie between African Americans and Jews. By stating African Americans blame the Jews for

slavery. He went on to explain how virtually every group people...