Article for the University News paper on Ian Mellencamp who is a nephew of John Cougar Mellencamp - John Cougar Mellencamp: Tight Genes at Miami University

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Deeply nestled in Cincinnati, unexpectedly there is an up and coming rock band whose lead singer is related to an infamous pop icon and also a Miami University student.

Miami Universtiy junior, Ian Mellencamp, is the nephew of John Cougar Mellancamp and the lead singer for the band Bluf.

The band consists of three brothers; Elliot, Ben and Evan Rubin who respectively play the keyboard, drums and bass. Adding to the band’s emotive instrumentations is lead singer Ian Mellencamp, a natural science major. Bluf has a suit of talent that will lead them atop of the rising ante of stardomWith a last name as insurmountable as Mellencamp, it’s compelling to ask Ian if he is related to John Cougar. His answer? “Yeah, he’s my uncle” he laughs. However, Ian and his band refuse to ride the river of his famous uncle. “It gives us some publicity, whether it be good or bad, its all publicity,” jokes Ben.

Bluf is establishing a name for itself, without help from uncle John. Their repertoire has been opening up for bands such as Chevelle, Sugar-Cult, and Thirty Seconds to Mars as well as head lining their own tour.

“We got some excellent advice from Jared Leto, he was a really cool guy” excitedly says Ben Robin of his experience with the band “30 Seconds to Mars” (30STM). Jared Leto is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for 30STM.

It’s hard to give Bluf a truly classified sound. “We like to mix things up when we write, perform and record,” said Bluf bassist, Evan Robin. Between all of the eclectic members they play several instruments that range from violin to trumpet.

With their inclination of instruments, this adds to their ambition strong collection of songs such as “Return”, “Schizo” and “Tether” which was the...