Articles Of Confederation

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The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution were two of the most important documents in our nation's history. Without them, the people of our country would not have many of the rights they now have. Without the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution might never have been established. In fact, the Articles of Confederation are sometimes called "America's First Constitution"�.

The two documents, the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution, have some things in common. Both clearly outlined the general powers that should be executed by the central government. They agreed on what should be done when creating treaties with other countries and establishing a postal system. Both set up strict rules to protect themselves from being overpowered by one ruler, which is one thing the citizens were very afraid of. They also both had equal representation regardless of size or population.

The documents have more contrasts than comparisons, they were created in different time periods.

The Articles of Confederation were created during the Revolutionary War and the Constitution was created after the war had ended. Under the Articles of Confederation, was a loose confederation of people, there was only one vote in Congress for each state and two-thirds in Congress for all important measures. Under the Constitution was a firm union of people, it allowed two votes for each state in Senate and representation by the population in House of Representatives, and a simple majority votes in Congress, but was subject to a presidential veto. In the Articles of Confederation, laws were executed by committees of Congress, there was no congressional power over commerce or levying taxes, there were no federal courts, unanimity of states was needed for amendment, and no authority could act directly upon individuals and no power...