Articles of Confederation versus Constitution

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Articles of Confederation versus Constitution

The articles of confederation established on November 15 1977 were United States first constitution. The articles were later ratified by the entire thirteen states on March 1, 1781. It became evident that the articles occasioned loose and weak confederation of the sovereign states and central government respectively. This led to the need of a stronger Federal Government. Ultimately, the articles of constitution were later replaced with the Constitutional convention on, 1787. The current constitution of United States was formally passed and accepted on March 4, 1989. Though the two documents were seen as similar having been created by the same people, they had many differences.

According to Bernstein (2002), there were many differences between the confederation articles and the constitution. Many free states during America Revolution needed control that would generate a united country. Several issues arose, which include: how power between the local and local government would be split.

How laws would be made, and by whom, and whose authority were to govern the laws? It is evident that the article had many weaknesses such that the colonists decided to create another document, that is, the constitution to replace the other.

It is undisputable that the confederation articles had varied strengths in itself. This is mainly clearly outlined by the fact that it emphasized on a strong legislature and bringing the states together. With this in consideration, people were happy in that they had a voice in the government (Scott, 1917).

The articles of confederation were not complete failure. It had the foundation for the constitution of 1787 to base its standards and laws governing on as far as knowing what had and had not worked and tweaking them to fit what was needed at that time. The...