Artificial Inteligence in the world today.

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Artificial Intelligence in the World Today

Artificial intelligence is all around us in many of the machines that we use today from the cars we drive to the houses we live in but this intelligence comes in various forms and are limited to only certain ranges and environments. The first thing that needs to be explained for a through understanding of artificial intelligence is what is intelligence? It is only a word that people use to name those unknown processes with which our brains solve problems we call hard. But whenever you learn a skill yourself, you're less impressed or mystified when other people do the same. This is why the meaning of "intelligence" seems so elusive. It is hard for scientists who try to understand intelligence to explain precisely what they do, since working definitions change from year to year. But it is not at all unusual for sciences to aim at moving targets.

Biology explores the moving frontier of what we understand of what happens inside our bodies. Only a few decades ago the ability of organisms to reproduce seemed to be a deep and complex mystery. Yet as soon as they understood the elements of how our gene strings replicate themselves, biologists wondered why it took so long to think of such a simple thing.

So the question is can we build human like intelligent machines? That is a question that no one really knows yet but at the rate technology is advancing in this area the answer is undoubtedly yes eventually. One of the main problems though is that human beings can't design a machine to replicate human response because we still don't understand exactly how the human brain works in certain areas. Nor do we yet know how to make machines do many of the...