Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind

Essay by zalmahro May 2006

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Research on the function of the human mind and Artificial Intelligence (AI) suggests that the similarities between the two are far more profound then ever envisaged. The main aim of this report is to asses the processes involved in the function of the brain and of AI. With the idea that Mind = Software and Brain = Hardware in mind, a thorough discussion will ensue to highlight the similarities and differences between human and AI information processing qualities. Attention will be given to the possibilities of that advances in the field of AI has had a significant impact on our understanding of how the human mind functions and the effect of our understanding of the human mind in aiding scientists to excel in the field of AI. The sheer possibility that brain know how can improve the field of AI and vise versa makes it a central discussion in this report.

Similarities between AI and the Human Mind

The main distinguishing feature between the human mind and AI is consciousness (Frantz, 2003). While it is true that computers are far from being fully assimilated to the human brain, advances in the field of AI shed light on many features of the human mind that were previously unknown and that is a reliable indicator that there are innumerable similarities between the two. The most obvious contrast is the brain and mind in humans compared to hard drive and software in computers. Brain is the entity responsible for storing information and executing the mechanical aspect of information processing while the hard drive carrying the same function in computers. The mind on the other hand is responsible for directing the brain on what, which and how to process the vast stored information in the brain while the software executes similar function in...