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This assignment was very reliant on the idea of group interaction, causing many people to form trusting relationships with people they had never met before. There was always the question of, will the other group members get their part of the assignment finished? A group is always thought of as just a number of people together, but in this case it had to be so much more. It required organization, research, as well as keeping in contact with one another in order to successfully complete the task at hand. In this report can be found what we as a group felt an artist-run space was, the artist-run space that we choose to visit, and finally our reactions to this artist-run space. In a group a lot can be accomplished but it takes work and organization, without these factors nothing will get done.

At first, because of the fact that we were unfamiliar with the term "artist run space" we had booked an appointment with successful fashion photographer, Gabor Jurina.

Gabor has photographed for various events as well as magazines such as Toronto Fashion, Fashion 18, and Weddingbells. This photographer, because of his many trips to New York, has been mistaken as a photographer from New York. He is however a Torontonian. His never failing determination to become a well known fashion photographer in Toronto brought him to this point where he is known all over the fashion industry in both Toronto and New York. We visited Gabor's loft downtown on Schumack Street, where most of his photo shoots in Toronto are taken. His loft was fairly big, with very few furniture pieces and three bare white walls with the exception of one wall covered in glass so the sun could shine through. It was after the visit when we...