Artists that commit suicide.

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Lots of artist commit suicide due their successful.e.g:Kurt Cobain,Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing.When you become an international artist,you get lots of money,you have a fancy car,an up-to-date clothes and things,but it can't buy you a happiness.

Its recall me of the dead of Leslie Cheung (the legend,famous actor and singer in Hongkong)who commits suicide on Tuesday,April 1st.He commits suicide by jump from mandarin hotel,HK on 24th floor.His leg was break and his head were broken.

Lots of issue due his death,such as:he's suffering a big depression after he finished his last movies,Inner Sense,in that movie he play a physiatrics who try to help his patient whom see ghost,and after the patient recover,Leslie turnover the one who can see ghost.His gay cartner,Mr Tong,tell the media that Leslie change into someone else when the movie finish.And afterthat he become stress,and depress for 1 year.

I guess,the actor and the actress have a great ability to sing or to act on camera,but they can't controlled hows they feel,lots of pressures from the media,the fans,and the critism.

They judge his life,get in to his personal life,and they messing around with the actor and the actress.

When you become an international and famous star,you should travel all around the world,you get jetlag,homesick,faraway from your country,famil,best friend,or even boyfriend and girlfriend.Thats why lot of artist only flirtation with their couple.