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Arts Assessment strategies.

Part A

I was presented with two scenarios that showed the diversification that a school set up could have; especially an arts class. Possible ways of dealing with this problems have been discussed in the essay.

In my case, I would chose the first scenario where we had three students who were indigenous Australians, three other students who were gifted in playing musical instruments because they had attended a conservatorium where they were taught how to play some musical instrument like violin, flute, and piano. In addition, the class had students with special needs that had limited movement in both arm and legs. The class was made up of a majority of year five and six students.

From analysis, diversification was achieved where the class had students from different backgrounds and cultures. These three were not indigenous Australians. Another type of diversification witnessed in this class was the students who were ahead in learning.

In reference to those students who attended the conservatorium and gathered basic skills in playing music instruments. The class together with the teacher had to deal with students with special needs for them to acquire the same content as the normal students (Jackman, 2012).

For me to be successful in teaching this art class of diversified students, I would tackle each problem individually and later on combine my findings and come up with a long lasting solution.

. The teaching strategies that I would use for this diversified class is, first learn the different cultures that I had in class. I would be lucky if they came from the same place. In my study, I would do a research on what different gestures mean in students' homelands. Gesture would be the only mode of teaching to such students who have cultural and...