The arts (painting, music, literature etc.) reveal the otherwise hidden ideas and impulses of a society.

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Arts is needed to make nation a better place for humans overall. Many times, it is the arts through which hidden ideas and impulses of the society are revealed. The various forms of arts like painting, music and, literature depicts the invisible aspects of our society.

Consider one of the cardinal forms of art, paintings: the source through which artist elaborate reality of the world, that cannot be seen through open eyes. Consider the frescoes of Fra Angelico and others monks and nuns of medieval period, who sought primarily through their representations of Madonna and Child to reassure and be reassured about the messages of Christian redemption and salvation. Moreover, the paintings during the Renaissance period mainly focus on other Christian images and themes, especially those involving crucifixion and apocalyptic notions of judgment and damnation. Thus, in dealing with sensitive things in society like woman injustice, poverty and , cruelty arts plays vital role.

Other form of art , that is music, is also important in expressing one's hidden feelings. Through music, we can express our sorrows as well as joys. There are many songs written to reflect the true feelings about patriotism, for example, when the great Indian leader Veer Sawarkar, was in jail for protesting against British government, he wrote a very beautiful poem which expressed his deep love about his country. Thus, music is also one of media, which reveals hidden ideas and impulses of society.

Literature, which includes stories, dramas, poetry and prose, disclose the unspoken ideas and impetus of the society. There are many thrilling, suspense, romantic dramas are written that touches our heart. When we talk about dramas, none other than the renowned Shakespear comes into our mind. He has blessed world with so many wonderful dramas and poetry that still people are in...