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All my life I have always loved scenery base art that has a futuristic or fantasy look to it. So when I started to look for my art at the Dallas Art Museum I already had a basic idea of what to look for. In the beginning when I was looking for the art of my choice I was just playing around talking about the arts that seem to me to have no uniqueness to them. About twenty minutes of looking around and playing I came to a painting by Antonio Canal ("Canaletto") called The Grand Tour. My first look at the painting was just a glance but that was enough for the painting and me to connect and make me turn around for more thorough investigation. The Grand Tour is a spectacular piece that shows a view from Fondamenta Nuove looking toward San Cristoforo, San Michele, and Murano; it was also the piece I was looking for..

The artwork is portrayed on oil on canvas that adds a shinning look to it; coincidently the shininess of the art helps since the art is in a day time setting. The picture has a structure in the middle of a lake that is surrounded by land; this provides a fantasy fell to the art since the technology was not available yet to create structures on top of lakes. After looking at The Grand Tour; I decided to walk around to see what else was offered. It took me about thirty more mintes to look at the whole musuem for scenery base art and although I found some more none connected with me like The Grand Tour. I went back to the painting The Grand Tour to get all its information and to take picture to write about the...