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For parents that want to be professionals in today's "Corporate America", the controversy and turmoil concerning the possibility of relocation assimilated with the promotion is treacherous.

Currently, the company for which I am employed with has posted a promotional position that I am greatly interesting in. The position is located approximately 120 miles from where we live. The determination to apply or not is not an easy one to make. Knowing that I qualify for the position does not elevate the distress factor of knowing that the decision that I make will affect others lives. The consideration of how this will affect my husband and my children are very important to me.

Some might argue that it is easier for men to make a cognate decision of relocating the family then it is for women. It is my opinion that any person with a family unit, whether man or women, would have to scrutinize all corresponding components before making these life altering decisions.

Decisions that no longer are related only to our individual wants, needs or goals, but that alimentally affect other lives.

Don't leap before you think; there are many facsimiles that will be contributors to the decision making process.

To reduce anxiety, assure that all available resources are used to obtaining as much information, (in advance), as you can. Analyze components individually to deduce weights and standards as related to each member of the family and to arrive at your pronouncement.

Contacting your human resource department and acquiring the job description and the minimum qualification for the position is a great start. Ask to visit the facility to develop an assessment of the day to day operations and divulge the current working conditions of the prospective position. The assessment will help to derive the actual work responsibilities.