Arvest Bank and Cox Communications Organizational Behaviors

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Cox Communications and Arvest Bank deal with similar challenges as it relates to communication barriers in their respective organizations. Each of these companies deals with this issue similarly, yet different because of their organizational environments and the nature of their respective industries. Both of these companies deal heavily with communication barriers because they must cater to their respective customer bases. There is a heavy Latino population in Northwest Arkansas and both companies have done a good job of targeting this vast market. Each organization has hired individuals to help take with the language and cultural barriers. However, both companies have different ways of dealing with the communication barriers that exist with these new employees.

Arvest Bank deals with this issue by having individuals there to help employees who run into language barriers and cultural barriers. Most of the time employees who speak another language also speak English. This helps to bridge the communication barriers between employees and customers.

However, Cox Communications plays more of a hands-on role with their employees. A call center supervisor often monitors individuals. This supervisor helps to cut down on communication barriers for employees. These approaches help to make sure these particular organizations are successful in helping to grow in their particular targeted market. Each of these solutions is specific to the type of business each organization is in.

Organizational diversity is truly important at Arvest Bank and Cox Communications. Both businesses are open to the public and strive on satisfying their customers. In other to do this both companies are deemed to show that they are diverse. “A healthy organization is one in which an obvious effort is made to get people with different backgrounds, skills, and abilities to work together toward the goal or purpose of the organization” (a. Schauber, 2001), having this...