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If I was the judge responsible for setting bail for Jane Williams I would set the bail for $100,000. She was charged with fraud in obtaining $50,000 in student loans for three years by lying about her income and assets. It was also not her first time in doing an illegal act. She was charged with underage drinking seven years ago. Since she obtained about $50,000 in student loans I would charge her with twice the amount for bail. I don't think it was serious enough for denial of bail and preventive detention.

Karl Schmidt is charged with attempted rape and he is a twenty two year old rookie police officer. I would deny bail and order him about 5 years in jail. He is a rookie police officer so he should know better than to attempt to rape a woman. Rape is a very serious crime and there should be no tolerance even if it is attempted rape.

However, he has no previous record so I think 5 years in jail would be reasonable.

Susan Claussen is charged with theft for eating an expensive dinner and leaving without paying. Since she has been charged with and entered guilty pleas 5 times before she should not be given a bail. She was also put on probation several times and served a 30 day jail sentence so I would deny bail. I would give her about 3 years in jail. She is charged with theft but has a criminal record so 5 years in prison would be reasonable.

Briefly explain if and how the plea bargain benefits the:


The plea bargain benefits the prosecutor because they will definitely win the case. Prosecutors also often offer deals with the criminal so that the criminal serves less time...