Asia in de-colonization.

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Indo China

Indo China is a land east of Thailand and south of china. In the 19th century it was first a colony of France, but later in WWII Japan occupied the piece of land. After WWII French tries taking Indo China, war broke out because people in Indo China want their country to be independence. Indo China was divided in to 3 countries, which were Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam.


In the north part of Vietnam, there were Vietnamese soldiers led by Ho Chi Minh fighting for independence with the French. In 1954 the French army was surrounded by the Vietnamese in Dien Bien Phu. They held up a conference in Geneva and decided that Indo China could be free, but Vietnam was divided into two parts. North Vietnam was occupied by the communist, they were the Vietcong people and oppose nationalist. The South Vietnam was occupied by the Nationalist, which was supported by the U.S.

In 1957 a civil war broke out between south and north Vietnams. The U.S are scared that the south Vietnam might be taken over by the communist, so the U.S sent troops to fight in south Vietnam. Although the U.S sent troops to help the South Vietnam, the Vietcong still won the civil war. After this civil war, Vietnam became independence.


When Japan in WWII, the Japanese returned Laos to the control of Laos Issara. Later the French comes. The French allow some part of Laos to be self govern and some part of Laos to be the control of France. In 1953, Laos gain fully independent.


Cambodia was a part a colony of France after WWII. King Sihanouk thinks of all the way to bring peace and independence to the country. He signs a treaty with France to...