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Art is an expression of beauty. Through art, we are able to learn about the history of our world and how it has evolved through the many ages. The future of our world will also be influenced by continued art forms.

Art is influenced by religions, cultures, moral values, traditions, and governmental hierarchies. Although there are hundreds of languages, art is a language which can be understood without words. It is a universal tool for learning.

Going back through history, we can learn about ages through art. For instance, China used bronzes for a lot of pots, sculptures, and other art. Bronzes are very heavy, which suggests that to be able to build these massive structures, they had to of had a high level of technology. They also worked a lot with jade, which is one of the hardest gems ever. Jade cannot be cut by steel, it can only be worn down by other gems minerals, such as diamond, quartz sand, and crushed garnets.

Jade was not local either; it was carried long distances from Central Asia, and Siberia. These are a few reasons that explain why the Chinese thought it had magical powers, and why they valued it so much.

Another find of Asian art is the Terra-cotta Warriors. When they discovered the Qin emperor's tomb in 1974, they found a major archeological find. They found about 6,000 life like clay warriors. It was a tomb filled with 6,000 sculptures made from a combination of molds and individual modeling. The legs of the warriors were solid, while the upper body was hollow, built up from coils of clay. After the exterior was finished in almost perfect detail with a finer clay, the figure was fired. The arms and head were fired separately, and...