Asian-American problems

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I believe that different people and cutlers have different values, beliefs and truths. Maintain a sense of family history or trying to blend in and assimilate with the rest of American, is one of the problems that many minorities in general are facing to. One of these minorities that suffer from this problem are Asian-Americans. While Asian-American has a very rich culture, often they suffer from problems of identity crises in United States. Sometime, Asian-Americans are trying to lose sight of his/her own cultures and to conform to the American culture. This is a win/lose situation, because they are gaining American culture and language, yet are losing sight of their own.

One of the primary causes of this situation is Asian-American parents. They are looking for a school that is not crowded with other Asian students, thereby forcing their children to speak English. So they are encouraging their children to forget their native language and culture In order to assimilate to American ideals.

They also put their children under an enormous pressure to do well in school. I believe that Asian-American youth experience much discrimination because of their social externalities. They try to hide from their culture and more American.

Research shows that in the last decades, Asian-American have been attending and graduating from colleges in dramatic numbers, well above their overall proportion in the United States population. American teachers often comment on how well-behaved, obedient, and respecting of education Asian American students are. This "model minority stereotype", sometimes put Asian American students under enormous pressures to do well in school.